Bingo In The Elf-Lounge

Just a little thing for Zeri’s debut over at Dawngate Chronicles, a new onlinecomic drawn by Nicholas Kole and colored by John Loren.  Zeri is an adorable young artist, with bushy blond hair and freckles and a big mouth.  She couldn’t be cuter!  This is her in my style, done for the heck of it and for a contest Nicholas Kole decided to put together.  (And yes, because her pigtails reminded me of paintbrushes, I took them literally.)  I love how she has these freckles all over, and she’s a tomboy with slightly bushier eyebrows.  XD  She could pretty much represent all us artists on the interwebs!

For the real thing, head on over here for the Tumblr post, and here for the online comic.

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